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r1p00pk 08-03-2012 11:47 PM

Things That make a "Good Jab" + Lacking Consistancy
recently sparred against a taller guy, and honestly was just flustered over his handspeed, movement and his reach.

My coach said i did pretty good for my second time although i wasnt consistant. I'd have flashes of moments were i would do real well, landing real clean punches. The times i really used a jab and countering of his i'd land 80% of the time. The problem was my jab doesnt really come out as often, itd be a rehearsing jab or a short quick jab and once in a while a step in jab but after a few times of just completely missing i rarely did it at all. I really can't remember my sparring session as well but my coach said some times i'd show great timing with my jab, i have good power but i'm just not consistant. :-(

my sparring partner made me hit air, when i went to the body.

Whenever i try to throw a jab without stepping in though, i always feel as though im just too far away and i did many times and missed almost all. The only shots that got through were counters. Im fighting from outside his range and when i do enter his range he throws a quick one two and pushes me back.

what are things to really improve my jab?

Jappa 08-04-2012 08:14 AM

Re: Things That make a "Good Jab" + Lacking Consistancy
How good is your fitness? Epic levels of fitness means you can use your jab a lot more...

Try doing pad work just popping jabs for a few rounds, same thing for the heavy bag, when you're doing pad work and you're just doing jabs, tell your partner to flash the pad at different heights and stuff.

I know what you mean about hitting air though, sometimes I'll just take a few licks on the arms and quickly counter or when I realise I'm fighting at his range I'll wait a little bit step in with a jab to the body and then come back up with a double jab constantly stepping in..

I'm no ATG but I hope it helps!

Matty lll 08-04-2012 03:22 PM

Re: Things That make a "Good Jab" + Lacking Consistancy
Don't be hard on yourself if you are only starting out. Sounds like you did fine.

To be honest the best way to improve your jab is to practice it. Practice and then practice some more. Try and work it on the heavybag but make sure you are getting proper extension and that your arm isn't bent. That helps you learn the range of jab at full extension. Work it on the pads and the double end bag also.

Sounds like you are a counter puncher and just because you are shorter doesn't mean you can't counter him. He has the reach advantage and that is of course part of the reason he is catching you.

What you should do is add a lot of head movement and more importantly feints. If you are outisde his range and are struggling to close the gap then make him lead. If you feel confident in your head movement you can lower your hands just a little bit to invite him to move to you and punch instead of you having to go forward. Really though, The best thing to do is add feints. If he is landing as you come in then add a feint or two and then move back once he commits to get him to fall short. That should leave him open to be countered.

Matty lll 08-04-2012 04:50 PM

Re: Things That make a "Good Jab" + Lacking Consistancy
This is a great read as well- [Only registered and activated users can see links. Click Here To Register...]

Yes it is Sherdog but the poster really knows his stuff, one of the most knowledgable guys I've seen on any forum and has his own gym I believe.

OZ Puncher 08-04-2012 09:35 PM

Re: Things That make a "Good Jab" + Lacking Consistancy
A really underrated bit of exercise is shadowboxing. With and without gloves, learn to jab left, right and centre. Double it up, Triple it up, throw upstairs and downstairs. Make sure to get full extensions and to snap it, especially on the return.

Vidic 08-05-2012 05:23 AM

Re: Things That make a "Good Jab" + Lacking Consistancy
Shadow box more, learn to feint the jab before throwing. Mix it up so it isn't always easy to time, throw it to the abdomen, throw it to the chin, make sure he never knows where it's going to come from.

Practice throwing it from different angles too. Not just a straight up, usual-stance jab.

Practice stepping inside and throwing it, practice ducking under a jab and throwing it, practice throwing it upwards to split the guard with a sideways fist (Pacquiao uses this) practice stepping back and throwing it, versatility is key. If you always throw the same sort of jab it's easy enough to figure out. Pat away his jab with your lead hand and throw one back. Feint the jan and see how he reacts, does he lower his hands, pull straight back, cover up, get sloppy with his footwork? Study him and implement a plan based on his weakness. Do the same for yourself, I assume your lack of consistency comes from your predictability with your jabbing, try to fix that.

As for him pushing you off after he throws - learn to remember his habits, if he extends his arms to push you, wait for him to throw, either block the punches or slip them, then when he pushes his arms out, hit him with an uppercut down the middle or hook to the body.

gatto 08-05-2012 09:35 AM

Re: Things That make a "Good Jab" + Lacking Consistancy
While shadow boxing give a round to footwork and head movement to make it easier to get inside. Search for combos to throw while getting in an example: slip in on an orthodox fighter while simultaneously landing an overhand right or right hand lead to the body as the first punch of a combo. Slip out while timing a left hook to the chin or a left shovel to the body..but never throw only one least have three perfect punches drilled in your muscle memory to help the flow. Keep your chin up and mouth open at all times:smooch

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