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Macco 11-17-2012 07:09 PM

Punch endurance drills
i need to build on my Punch endurance have been doing heavy bag drills, 5 rounds every 10 seconds befor the minute i do a 10 second punch out so 3 10 second punch outs a minute. After the first punch out you have to fight through fatgiue litreally, but still through good combos throughout. By round 5 im litrally nackerd. Would this be good for learning to fight throught fatigue and be able to fight longer in competetions wihtout being gasses in the last round. The drills are pretty intense each round.

i have seen like tabata drills that are 20 second punch out with like 10 second rest but im kinda mimiking a fight more bye throwing combos throughout the round and then fast burnouts 10 seconds 3 times a round.


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