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Default Re: Diagnosed with illness and looking for tips to start training again please ESB wo

Originally Posted by richiedooley View Post
Cheers for the advice, just back out of hospital last friday (spent another boring 10 days in there) we'll found a site that kept me occupied ill share it with you's

I have been researching loads and reading rdj's nutritional advice, guys a bit of a genius on that front. Wont be able to step back in to the gym until late sept at the earliest (cant wait) but i went down to see some of my amateur buddies fight on a local card a while ago, was so good to see live boxing again.

Unfortunately iv come up with that i might not be able to even start strength training easily, i will be able to head back to the club for (skipping, bag, pad work, circuit and interval running) and in the gym have been advised to do peripheral heart flow training (high reps, 4 sets circut style 4 exercises and interchanging uper body, lower, upper, lower) if that makes any sense to you.

Btw iv gained a good bit as in my body changed from 154 and quite lean to 140 lean from treatment 9 i lossed all muscle mass i had) then threw on 20 something pounds of fat and fluid :/ disaster, oh and prob comfort eating too im not going to lie.

Anyway going light seems real good advice and thanks for the feedback really appreciate it. Thanks a lot for the backing
And you can live on chicken breast and brown basmati rice and omega 3 & 6 sources... and have your occasional macky D’s.

No genius about it.

Highest protein lowest saturated fat ratio (chicken)

Slowest burning carbs (brown basmati rice)
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