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Default Re: how not to fall for feints?

Originally Posted by avk47 View Post
I honestly think this is an experience thing. You spar lots and lots of rounds and you get as many contests under your belt and you start to see this beter. Difficult to explain.
Agreed. If there was an easy trick to figuring it out then nobody would fall for feints and they'd be completely useless, which is obviously not the case.

Originally Posted by xrxpapi12 View Post
so i could research all the info I want on how to be skillful in the art of feinting, but what about the other side of the coin? how do you make sure not to fall for feints too much?
Maybe you could talk to your coach or more experienced guys at the gym and have them spar a few rounds with you every session for a while, focusing on different kinds of feints so you can be exposed to them and start to learn what to look for and how to properly react to them. It's an experience thing so the sooner you're exposed to them the better IMO, and it'll keep you from developing your own, potentially bad, habits and reactions to feints.
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