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Default Re: Never Gymless: Opinions

Just to clarify, what I meant by my post on the man.

The books are good, the methods are good, he is in VERY good shape himself, that wasn't in dispute anyway but you compared me to him and said he is a strong guy, wahtever. A lot of folk would do very well to read them and follow the routines in the book, or make his own from the readings. He has brought to the attention of a lot of people a simple and effective way to train which caters well to boxing.

I do not like him personally, some of his ideas are innovative or "hardcore" just to tick that box in people's minds rather than being anything differently effective, and he gets too much worship on the internet, which doubly annoys me as I am sure there are people using this training and churning out champions, but nobody knows about them because they are not American (sorry but when it comes to online training, majority are out of the US so they get a lot of exposure!) and not running an active website. There are other ways to improve your strength that are better than the ones outlined in his writing, if you have the equipment and time to learn the technique. And people should have in mind that he is selling books, getting clicks to his website and attention to his name off of producing his programs and writing his articles. The articles and stories are good though, this is not in doubt. But just like a lot of other articles on the interwebs about training, they will probably work for some time or seem new and interesting, because that is the whole point of the writer making them.

Once again though I highlight that the book Never Gymless and Infinite Intensity, ARE good training manuals to have.

That's all I meant. Ultimately, it is my own opinion, so it doesn't matter if you disagree with me or think I am wrong, that is your opinion, the other people can make their minds up.

Where is this entry from this year?? I found my restarted log which lasted 3 posts which was in 2009, and my old one with the few pages from 2008.
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