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Originally Posted by Matt Ldn View Post
Mr Small i find this term bandied about willy nilly on this site but you trully are a scholar and a gent, a true Gad about town. Currently i am a poor student but hopefully at some point in the not so distant future i will have some money and would like to work out a full routine and diet with you. Until that day i will just try and improve as best i can and work out what specific goals i want to achieve.

Thanks again for all the help but one final small question when people say an arched back during squatting i dont really understand does that mean wth the middle of the back pushed in?? Back problems are something im terrified of so ive always shunned overdoing my deadlift/squats (never going above 100kg)
Thank you for your comment Matt. Diet and training is quite straightforward, you don't have to hire me for a specific plan or anything, I can give you a rough outline which will serve you quite well for a pretty long time.

Don't worry about back problems. 99% of back problems have nothing to do with your back. Usually it is imbalances, tightness or injury to your IT band, hamstrings, quads, glutes, vmo, sciatic nerve, calves, or footwear.
Arched back is something you should have with most lifting, as it gives you a solid base and is a strong link in the "chain" that transfers power through your body. Arched back means sticking your tailbone out. Lay flat on the floor and get someone to put a hand through under your lower back to the other side, arch your back and they should be able to do it, if you don't, they won't be able to. Hard to explain as its a natural thing.

The best thing against back injuries or injuries in general? be STRONG and MOBILE. Get stronger, and work on your flexibility, and mobility in your joints, plus use solid technique, no rush for the weight, it will come.

Originally Posted by Matt Ldn View Post
p.s. i seriously wouldnt responding to this Patch fellow if he cant understand what youve been saying for the last few pages hes not going to suddenly understand now. Im ashamed at what hes done to one of the few threads ive ever made
I think its just a big misunderstanding with the guy, and I feel I should clear things up as I used to follow Ross' books too and didn't want to take away from that style of training as was the original question anyway.

Originally Posted by Johnboy2007 View Post
Not that he was trash talking... but does that mean anyone who can deadlift 600lbs youd never question anything they said regarding training?
Yeah I don't really understand why that was brought up, to make me feel weak? The guy has been training 10-15 years longer than me, and the video of him doing a partial trap bar lift of 585lbs is quite old, and I've done that before anyway.
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