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Default Re: Never Gymless: Opinions

Originally Posted by patch1983 View Post
Put it like this I would never take advice from some as weak as mrSmall. By the way he did put his goals on the log. He is weaker then I was when I first started out. Johnboy you seem to have trouble reading, I said he had a log (short one) this year.
I'm with you on not listening to weak people telling you how to get strong.. but please post the link up as I don't know what you are talking about, I had a look through my posts and couldn't find anything.

Originally Posted by Johnboy2007 View Post
I follow his ideas / workouts too.I dont think he is god however. Hes one of many training resources to use. But i dont know or care if hes a good person or not. I dont think Mr Small does either really just made a passing comment which you seemed to take as a massive offence. And what youve posted since about Mr Small is exactly what you accused him of in the first place! Your talking trash about someone you know nothing about except you claim to have read his training blog which you havnt said when it was written and you dont know what Mr Smalls goals were at the time. Except you think its perfectly fine to you would not take any advice from him.
Thanks for the supporting post but I used to be weak as ****, if he is looking at my 2008 log when I just started then I wasn't anything impressive for sure, pretty low even for a beginner. We all start somewhere
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