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Default Re: Never Gymless: Opinions

As a general rule, if you see someone with results you want, or is a respected individual in his field, it is better to follow their advice and give their methods a try, rather than some random weak skinny guy telling you how to get big and strong.

Originally Posted by patch1983 View Post
Just for the record I don't care if you like him (I have said this before but Johnboy seems unable to read). You said stuff which just not true (I quoted the bits im talking about). You can't post stuff thats not true on a public forum then moan when someone pulls you up on it.

You made comments like this "He's just a guy earning his living off of very basic and very effective methods that any half decent gym or trainer in the world would tell you to do".
This is not true. He makes his living training training world class athletes.
I wasn't moaning, I haven't called you names, I haven't done anything except respond directly because I think this is just a big misunderstanding or you don't want to listen to anyone else's thoughts on the matter, which is the point of a forum.

I never said gym, I said half decent trainer.. and there are NOT many around for a start. And I don't want to go off on this tangent because it will end up with me having to bash the guy to support my point, which was not my intention. Everyone makes a living somehow. His books, dvds have a pricetag, his website has ads. That's ALL I meant.
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