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Default Re: how not to fall for feints?

Feints only matter if he can reach you (range), you can't beat him to the punch (speed), or you can't counter (timing). Falling for feints is a deficiency within yourself.

If your opponent is out of range to harm you, how can he feint you? The only way he can is because you don't know when you are or aren't in danger of being reached. If you are in range? You fire. If you have no intention of firing? Be out of range. If you are biting on feints you don't know where you are.

If you know the guy is too fast for you to counter, how can he feint you? He is too fast. You shouldn't be trying to counter so therefore should be ignoring feints. Get to him and THROW. You will eat shots closing distance so if he wants to waste his time feinting? One less shot for you to take. Don't stop throwing until he escapes. Walk him down and repeat.

If you can't time the guy, how can he feint you? You know if you throw one shot he will get you. So same as above.

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