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Default Re: Marciano's Wins v Ezzard Charles

Originally Posted by McGrain
Rate these wins out of ten where 10 is Frazier's win over Ali and 0 is...rubbish.

Are you particularly impressed with these wins?

Why or why not?

Rocky's best wins?
I would say the first fight was about an 8.5, and the rematch maybe a 7.5. My reasoning: although Charles was a little on the downside of his career at the time of their first fight, he was, by all accounts, hyper-motivated and trained and fought with an intensity and hunger he had never shown before- he fought 15 straight rounds without once having to be separated from a clinch and put on a virtually inhuman display of determination and stamina, causing many observers to proclaim it one of the greatest, if not the greatest performance of Charles' career. But as tough, as tenacious, as tremendously resilient and tireless as Charles was that night, Marciano was moreso, even on a whole nother level. Watch him go like a buzzsaw in the 15th round and throw over 90 punches, and try to honestly tell me he wasn't the best-conditioned, most determined and most relentless champion in the history of the heavyweight division.
The rematch I grade a little lower, even though Marciano was much more dominant(he won nearly every round and was only in jeopardy because of a freak-of-nature one-in-a-million injury which was likely the result of an elbow), because Charles just wasn't the same man anymore after that first fight.

But I would rank the first Walcott fight on par with or slightly ahead of the first Charles fight, and the Moore fight probably as high as the second Charles fight.
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