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Default Re: The truth about david haye

Originally Posted by jakelamotta View Post

6.) Haye-Mormeck:

Mormeck KO'd by Oneill Bell in previous fight, Mormeck rematch and wins via UD. Mormeck nearly shot at cruiser, prime for the taking. Mormeck ahead on points before KO- Haye is knocked down by cruiserweight Mormeck in the fourth

5.) Haye-Maccarinelli:

Over hyped fraud Maccarinelli never fighting anyone of note or outside the UK fights Haye for Cruiserweight "unification" match. Haye sparks hype-job Maccarinelli. Claims "undisputed" status at cruiserweight.

NOTE: Steve Cunningham is IBF Cruiserweight Champion during this time. Instead of taking on what would have been a very challenging fight for Haye to unify the titles, Haye vacates cruiserweight belts for Heavyweight Division, without even having a single defense.

(Heavyweight- 4 fights total)

4.) Haye-Barrett

Barrett coming off a "big win" over fraud Tye Fields, whom previously never fought any heavyweight of note. Barrett has 6 previous losses including 3 KO losses. Barrett TKO'd by Klitschko 8 years prior. Barrett knocks Haye down in fifth, Haye is hurt, ruled "slip" by the referee and deducted a point.

3.) Haye-Valuev

Don King/Sauerland creation Valuev loses title via close UD to shot old Evander Holyfield, who puts on a more worthy performance than Haye. Notoriously corrupt German judges rule MD for Valuev. Prior to this Valuev loses title to true WBA champion Ruslan Chagaev who is TKO'd by Klitschko as a replacement opponent after Haye pussies out of first scheduled fight. Haye takes the paper championship and claims he is now "World Champion"

2.) Haye-Ruiz

ATG Heavyweight Champ John Ruiz is Haye's first defense. Haye Rabbit punches the Quiet Man 50 times in the first round. Ruiz changes style from notorious clinching brawling tactics that would have faired better against Haye to a "brawler". After this fight Haye claims he is the most exciting Heavyweight Boxer of all time.

1.) Haye-Harrison

Haye ups his opponent quality to Audley Harrison, ranked 32 in the world for his next "title defense". Delusional British fans buy off on this even though countrymen David Chisora, Sam ***ton, and Tyson Fury all rank higher. Harrison coming off huge KO rematch win off ATG heavyweight contender Michael Sprott and a loss to the talented Martin Rogan. Haye and Harrison look at each other for two rounds. Delusional British fans momentarily see the light and begin to boo.

Collateral Damage: Hayes’s **** talking and gangster thug life attitude extends beyond impressing delusional British “yes-men” media and fans and excites HBO execs to include former white boy thug rapper Max Kellerman. Inexplicably and beyond all reason, trainers Freddie Roach and Angelo Dundee back David Haye to defeat Wladimir Klitschko.

Good post - except little bug-eyed Maxie ain't no white boy. The little *** hates white people.
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