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Default Intro/new to boxing

Hey all, I've been reading alot of information on these forums, all of which has been helpful, so I figured i'd make a first post. I've trained Muay Thai for a few years off and on and have decided to give boxing a shot at a new gym nearby as it's more affordable and also seems to be alot more popular in this area. I'm 5'5 130lbs, orthodox. Everyone I've sparred with at this gym has about 20-50lbs on me and a considerable reach/height advantage but I still try to stay as aggressive as I can. I know against taller opponents and opponents with a reach advantage I need to close the gap but it seems when I close in it's easily anticipated by them and I'm always taking straights/uppercuts on the way in. I try to stay as low as possible with my stance to avoid getting hit, and always try stay aggressive until I tire out, but when I do manage to get up close it usually turns into a slugfest with me on the losing end of it. Basically i'm trying to turn my disadvantage into some sort of advantage and it's just not working for me. I'm fairly fast with my hands but all the flashy combos and drills i've been working on with the focus mitts and heavybag seem to be catching air or getting me counter-punched and losing the full effect of my punches. The only thing that seems to work for me is baiting people into an overhand right when they have me on the defense, but after a while they catch on and they easily avoid it. If anyone has tips/advice it would be awesome to hear them.
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