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Default Re: Alexis Arguello vs Livingstone Bramble

Originally Posted by Duodenum
That's a real good question, because he was so strong and tough at that weight. No, Arguello settles for a comfortable decision in this one. Rosario put Ras-I out quickly, but Ramirez made it very clear that Chapo was a harder puncher than Alex. (I would not place a bet on the match going the distance, only on an Arguello win.)
Rosario was more or a brute strenghth power puncher, but I'm not so sure that with one shot he could hit harder than Alexis.

What opened up Bramble's shell for Rosario was that he forced his way in by throwing Power shots at close quarters.
Power shots at close quarters is how you break a shell like the one Bramble employed and what Winky Wright employs today.

Bramble imo would give Arguello some trouble. Bramble had a very straight, sneaky and educated jab he used in conjunction with that shell of a defense he had.

Arguello would hold his own trading jabs with Bramble, but what would break him through is all his other attributes....working downstair, upstairs, and just varying his intensity and attack.

For a tall fighter, Arguello could get on the inside and throw short compact punches.
Bramble loved to fight on the inside while in his shell.....but it would be his downfall against Arguello.
Arguello is just too good a fighter that he would'nt nail Bramble with a devestating shot sooner or later.

I say Arguello stops Bramble late in a fight thats close on the cards.
Bramble was a very good technician, so I dont think Arguello would dominate him technically.
It would come down to strenghth, power and will, and Arguello had a little bit too much of each for Bramble to make it to the final bell!

A terrific fight the time of the Mancini fights, Bramble was a terrific fighter, he's become very underrated imo due to the fact that he overstayed his welcome and became a stepping stone to alot of fighters.

Then again, now that I think about it, Bramble did'nt have running legs to get away from Arguello......
.....Arguello just may land one of his patented crisp uppercuts while Bramble is in his shell and send him to sleepy land early!

In any regards, whether early or late, I thing Arguello stops
Livingstone Bramble!
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