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Default Training with pain in neck/head.

Hello all,

Im not sure what I did to cause this but I properly noticed it about 5 days ago when I was skipping, and I started to push it abit more which in turn tensed up my shoulders etc more. then I just felt a pain at the top right corner of my neck, where it meets the bottom of my skull. its like a sharp throbbing pain that hurts all up the same side of my head up and over the ear and towards my eye ( it sometimes makes me close my eyes ).

Im thinking I may have torn a muscle or have a trapped nerve or something. I have just gone back in the gym and It seems to come back when I tense/strain my upper body E.g to lift something heavy or punch something hard etc, I had to stop working out as it hurts like hell I dont want to do anymore damage.

In the day when I am in work, my neck is just slightly stiff, only slight pain if I bend/roll my neck around.

Anybody know what this could be straight of the bat?

Do I just rest untill my stiff neck goes and edge back into training?

Im thinking I should go the doctors, but Im not sure if these symptoms are anything serious considering the worst only happens when I train.

BTW I say all this becouse I dont really want to spend time off training unless it has to be done, Im thinking neck pain shouldnt be messed with though
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