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Default Re: Pacquiao is OVERRATED

Originally Posted by ***** View Post
Nazim - "I'm gonna throw in the towel because you're getting your ass beat in there."
Mosley - he punches pitty patter. Do you see any mark in my face?It just looks fancy but there is nothing to it. Did you see him cling to my arms in the second round like a drunk hugging the lamp post? I could go on for 15 rounds with his power.

Mosley (not Nazim) - stop the fight! I can't move. I have blisters in my feet. He is throwing 6 inches punches that are as powerful as 48 inches punches!
Nazim - don't embarass me. I already stated in the news conference that I have the blue print to fight Pac. Besides, you don't seem to have problem running backwards. You are as fast as Usain Bolt running backwards.
Mosley - You did not share that blueprint with me? What round it is now?
Nazim - 6th round
Mosley - Damn, where did the 2 rounds go? I thought it is the 4th round.
Nazim - just follow the blue print!!! Keep on turning him.
Mosley - Would that make me win?
Nazim - No. But you won't have your face rearranged like Margarito.
Mosley - Nah. Running backwards is better.
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