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Default Re: Pacquiao is OVERRATED

Mosley: "**** Yeah! I landed two punches! This is basically like winning."
Nazim: "I'm gonna stop the fight. He's beating you like I beat off to pics of your girlfriend."
Mosley: "Nah, it's okay. He's taking it easy on me because Floyd is a nice guy."

Pacquiao: "My legs are tight. Too many roids."
Buboy: "In and out. In and out."
Pacquiao: "I am going in and out."
Buboy: "No, I'm fat. I want In-N-Out after this fight. I can break the record of how many double-doubles eaten in one-sitting."

Nazim: "I got the blueprint on this idiot."
Mosley: "Yeah, it's too bad I'm old, shot and couldn't even beat Sergio ****ing Mora. Why did Pacquiao choose to fight me? Oh yeah, a million people are probably going to be fooled into paying for this. Whatever. I'm just gonna run away then after the fight count my money and get a BJ from Bella."
Nazim: "Move to your left and this idiot has no clue what to do."
Mosley: "Stop the fight. I need to get on the phone and call Floyd as soon as possible to tell him to get this cheating asshole to take a test."
Nazim: "You're cut from a different cloth, Shane."
Mosley: "Yeah, I touch this guy's gloves after everything and he thinks I'll give him a night with Bella since he cheats on his wife every other night. What a dumbass."
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