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Default Re: Should I get new gloves/gear?

Originally Posted by dcb154 View Post
Hey, I have an annoying case of "superificial mycoses" which is like eczma (basically, a fungus) on my hand. I think it's from my handwraps, but I'm not totally certain.

Is this something that should be treated like a lice outbreak or a cold sore, and just get rid of the gloves, wraps and bag I was toting it all around in? Or is it not as severe? Or can I just wash the wraps and consider them "cured"...not sure about the gloves though?

Also, just for preventative measures, does anyone know if there is an anti-fugal spray to use on the "community" gloves at my gym?

Thanks for any advice.
You mean it looks like eczema because eczema is totally different and NOT contagious. What you are dealing with is a sanitation issue not a hereditary skin condition. Topical fungus issues are rarely as aggressive as you state, but they are usually chronic and constant care must be taken. Most types of fungus is treated the same...

On your skin? Keep the affected area dry, clean, and exposed to sun if possible. Treat with anti-fungals, but if you can't afford that? You can treat topically with chlorine bleach soaks and tea tree oil. As for the bleach soaks, please don't be a moron and soak your hand in pure caustic bleach. Dilute like a gallon or so of water until it has a MILD odor of bleach (think public pool) then soak your hand in it. Also dilute the tea tree oil with mineral oil. Take showers DAILY especially after using community gloves and/or sparring! You should have been doing this regardless!

On the handwraps? Stop being cheap and filthy. More than one set. No more than wear between washings. Save up and get you a ten pack and a mesh bag from one of the top bulk sites. Only use them once per session and wash them in hot water preferably with a LITTLE bleach. Note you do NOT need the same amount of bleach as you do for a normal wash cycle!!!! Since you are already infected I would suggest you buy traditional cloth (not mexican wraps) until the infection clears and you can stop bleaching the wash.

On the gloves? Again, stop being cheap (since your gym is already filthy). Stop using community gloves and buy your own. Be a good gym member and don't spread the fungus in the gym, however the fungus is probably already there and your hygiene is what caused it to take root. Notify your club immediately of your situation, note the response, and you will probably have it confirmed that they are generally filthy.

Shadow Box and work on stamina for now and get that infection healed/cleared up. Also take a long hard look at your hygiene practices. You may be paying the price for it in other aspects of your life.
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