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Default Re: Ali vs Foreman : 2

Originally Posted by My dinner with Conteh
Give me partisan crowd ahead of any other advantage every day of the week.
Me too, but Ali could perform well before a hostile crowd as well as a supportive one. (So could Dempsey, and other ATGs.) However, I do think the hostility of the Kinshasa audience may have affected George adversely. The old addage that "Justice is blind, while greatness is deaf" could be applied to succeeding despite boxing in an opponent's hometown, or before a resentful public.
Ali couldn't budge Evangelista (well Alfredo did have a mild paper cut after the fight) so I'm sure George would have gambled his health on a fight at the beginning of 1977. Instead he had to fight another of the Top 5 (having only fought the other four). Makes sense.
True enough. However, Earnie Shavers couldn't take out Ali, any more than Muhammad could budge Tomato Evangelista. Could Foreman have won a match where he couldn't knock Ali out?
ps. Bet he wished he was Tony Tucker, who could just sit there and be installed mandatory contender AND receive a title shot.
Yeah, and I bet he wished he was Tony Tucker, so he would have gotten Tyson in the ring!
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