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Default Re: Pacquiao is OVERRATED

Originally Posted by BewareofDawg View Post
My point is the tools JMM used to neutralize Pac, Floyd has and is much better.

It's like saying this:

I can't use the Maidana fight as a basis to predict how Floyd will do against Victor Ortiz. Because they fight NOTHING alike.

I can however, use the Petersen fight. Because the things Petersen did that troubled Ortiz, Floyd can do and do alot better.

It's not about "common opponents", it's about styles.

When was the last time Roach and Arum put Pac in the ring with a slick counter puncher?? When? The last guy with the skill and speed to counter him was JMM. JMM and Floyd are the two best counter punchers in the sport. Floyd is #1 though, but a large margin.

Understand now?
Floyd and JMM dont fight alike, they are completely different. JMM is an aggressive defense specialist, He tends to be more aggressive while engaging. That is the only way you can win against Pac by point. Floyd is a non-aggressive defense potshotter, he does not engage when the opponent is at full offense, he waits for a lull before he throws the right straight. Pac will be gone by then. Floyds offense is different from JMM as well. He only does it when he smells his opponents to be tiring. Pac doesnt tire. If Floyd could study JMM's defense and apply it, he should beat Pac.
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