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Originally Posted by ml
Ardy, I got to say that if Duddy Pavlik happens I might be leaning toward rooting for Pavlik. I have followed Duddy his entire career and gone to a lot of his fights, but his team is not giving any credibility to the sport. I understand getting a title shot the easist route possible, but they are carving a route that just disgraces the sport. I actually think his level of competion is decreasing. On the other hand you have Pavlik who has been in the trenches with tough tough contenders and knocked them all out including Taylor. You have to respect that. They are both gentleman, but one seems more legit than the other.
I wouldn't call it a disgrace as Duddy himself is very genuine but Team Duddy are certainly protecting their investment.I think it started after the Campas fight where Duddy really struggled at times.Turner has improved his defense and his last performance against Eastman was more convincing than the final score suggests.I think with the improvements under Turner Duddy would be ready to step up the competition but it just happens that Pavliks people have offered him a shot right now and it would be foolish to turn it down
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