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I feel sick today... I'll take a break from the training and post back when I'll feel better.

Things I can improve lifestyle-wise:
-On work days, instead of doing the whole enchillada, I should do more minimalist training and up the intensity instead of doing nothing at all. (ok, maybe I am taking the easy way out, but after a 12 hours shift, I really don't want to spend an hour + at the gym)
-The last few days,I read in bed and I fell asleep without closing the lights, which is not good for mental recovery (often, even if I am super tired, I will wake up after only 5-6 hours of sleep. After a few days like this, I am usually less alert and somewhat sleep****ed).
-I really need to plan my meals in advance. Right now, I am eating stuff in a really ad hoc fashion and sometime skipping meals altogether.

Meal plan coming up after I put some taught in it.
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