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Default Re: Trout-Mundine looking very likely

Originally Posted by ashley View Post
Cant agree here...lets talk facts

Fact is mate the title is's the WBA 154 World title

Says so in all records...WBA, BOXREC, boxing writers and officials all round the world call it the world's not just me making this up

Cotto has the super champ title...he's not in the WBA rankings system nor mandatory system...super champ will never be forced to participate in a fight with the World Champ...the super champ belt is for idle big names looking for super fights

The WBA World title belt is the real deal...the WBA super champ belt is for extra sanction fees as is the interim belt unless used in the case of an injured champ

Now if the superchamp had to fight the World title holder then I would agree but fact it he doesnt

Fact is the interim belt is more legit because its in the system and a fighter can force a fight with the World Title that's fair play inside a regulated system

Unlike the World title holder cant force a fight with the super it's clear thats not a fair system

So as far as being a belt that can be won and challenged through a point system the super champ belt has less credibility

Yes Cotto is the better fighter...however fact is though the belt was created so a fighter like cotto can have a belt and not defend it unless he wants to...and he can pick who its that's not legit is it?
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