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Default Wlad's pre-Sanders fights.

Just watched some of Wlad's old fights and boy, was he a monster back then. Whats interesting to see is that when he would clinch, he would always hit the opponent with a short left hook that was hella powerful. Just watched Jefferson, Shufford, and Shultz fights, Wlad showed alot more aggressiveness than he does now. His left hook in shufford and Jefferson fights is a thing of beauty, I wish he would unleash it more often. I like Wlad, but his 1-2 is honestly a bit boring. I liked him in Peter 2, he showed more ****nal in that one: uppercuts, hooks, jabs, rights. But in Haye fight, I kept thinking why is he withholding him self. He is just too talented to hide all that and just do a plain 1-2 combo.

And to anyone who says that all his fights are boring, please watch some of his fights before saying that. Jefferson, Mercer, Brock, Byrd, Brewster are sure as hell not boring. Dont just go by a few fights he had: Ibragimov, Haye, Chambers -12rnd.

Wlad's fights with Byrd, Jefferson, and Shufford were supposed to be his pre fights before a showdown with Lewis. These fights were on HBO and it was very interesting to hear Steward, Jim, and Merchant talk about Wlad. "The superstar of the upcoming young guys", "Best straight right I've ever seen", "beautiful left hook". How I wish that the Sanders fight had a different result just to see Lewis-Wlad.
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