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Default Re: Will Green struggle against the southpaw style?

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
funny that, i threw $100 on Tarver also. Pappa Needs a new pair of shoes and i hope a over the hill has been Tarver can bring it home! someones got to stop this chump in his tracks and it wnt be huck or cunningham as Danny hides under the table every time they are mention.

I still think this is Dannyweight just not sure if it will affect Tarver, Danny and his people would have tried to get as many advantages as they could, Dannyweight being one of them and because the cat was out of the bag BJ Flores fight this time round they would be more carefull with contract stiuplations and keeping the secret.

Hopes they also drug test Danny before and after the fight.
i stand to win a grand... Tarver will be paying for my flight to Canada next year if he wins! Well some of it anyway
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