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Default Re: Tarver worried about getting plastered

Originally Posted by Spaniard View Post
Tarver was interviewed on Wide World of Sports on Sunday 17/7/2011 and said that Danny settled with RJJ out of court for the hand wrap incident. Why would Green settle if he is innocent? Bit strange how Ken Sutcliffe or nobody since has made further comments about it.
Always knew he was guilty of that one. He pretty much hit Roy on the back of the head with a baseball bat. Of course he will settle out of court, they had the box of bandages which you can go purchase as a pharmacy and it indeed does set like a plaster cast.

I often wonder why it went all quite after he threatn to sue people over money he claimed he lost because they investigated it and according to Danny law it should never had got that far? WTF so someone files a complaint and it should be ignored because it was against Danny Green? doesnt sound like due processs to me Dannyboy.

No doubt a confidentialty agrement would have been signed thus Roy hasnt said anything about it to the media. I wonder if it would be possible to get a copy somehow of the interview or at the very least a transcript?
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