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Default Re: Tarver worried about getting plastered

Brua you could never prove that it was settled out of court or not because Dannys people would have ensured if he did settle then a confidentiality agrement was also reached, when people do out of court settlements its the norm to have a confidentiality agrement attached to such payment and conditions. If the contract is broken then the party that got paid the money has to return it. It protects the person paying out the large sums of money from future damages to their repuation and such.

The fact that Danny did not follow up on threats he made to take NSWBA to court shows that he had no grounds to do so and was talking out his ass. I bet he paid RJJ off to shut him up and thats why we havent heard sht about it until now. RJJ has communicated with Tarver and informed him of the payout and illegal wraps, thus Grit is here to ensure Danny doesnt use plaster again.

Go buy a box of the bangages, wet them and let them sit for around 30 min and then come back and tell me they dont set like plaster casts because they infact DO!
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