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Default Re: Tarver worried about getting plastered

When people get a payout the main issue with the confidentiality is going to the media and reporting what has occured, it makes the company that paid out look bad. This doesnt stop people from telling their freinds or associates and infact in order to enforce anything the freind would be required to testify against the person who told him. Chances of that occuring would be slim to none so whats your point here? RJJ has been in communication with Tarver and warned him about the wraps, its common sence that Tarvers also been told about the lawsut and settlement by RJJ also, safe to assume this Brua its alright nancy boy lol

Now go buy a box of those wraps and prove me wrong, when you do then you to will know Dannyboy is a cheat. He cheated with RJJ and cheated with BJ and has been cheating the AUS public for the past 2 yrs now with his bullsht CW fights that arent even CW, forcing his opponents to come in at a weight he decides on, Paul Briggs is one example, look how upset he got when Paul comes in on the limit? What a joke of a man, calls the guy a dog and backflips the very next day and this is your hero brua? LOL

Here you go Champ, print this up go to the pharmacy and buy a box of the wraps, prove me wrong and ill never post here again but you wont be able to do that now because these wraps set like Plaster, do you think RJJ and his team just make up bullsht? Roy is one of the most respected boxers in this industry he doesnt make up lies unlike your hero Danny Soft Part of the Skull Green.

Tell me Brua hows a Fully Grown Man even have a soft part of the skull when our skull is fully fuzed by around 18 months of age? Like i said, BRAINLESS FCKN TURD, you cant even think for yourself!
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