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Default Re: Tarver worried about getting plastered

Taken from Dannys change room these are the wraps he used on the night of RJJ fight, its case evidence that was used in a law suit against your lover, to which all went silent and we now hear from Tarver that Green paid out RJJ.

The basis of the complaint was the wraps and another issue was unpaid PPV figures however the MAJORITY of the law suit was in relation to the alleged use of illegal hand wraps. Danny also said he was going to sue NSW boxing? why did he not follow this up and why when asked initally about the wraps did Danny Green comment to reporters and say "No comment"

So Brua we have the box of bandages Danny used, this has never been disputed. All one has to do is wet the bandage and let it sit, it will then harden like plaster, this would have been demonstarted in court had Danny tried to fight the law suit, since he did not fight the law suit he paid it out, thus we never heard another thing about it.

The punch that hit RJJ was the thumb, Danny must have very strong thumbs. The punch doesnt look right, nore does the reaction of RJJ, however being that the gloves were loaded with a plaster cast one can easly understand the reaction of RJJ to being hit with a thumb on the back of the ear. Its like being hit on the back of the head with a baseball bat.

Danny claimed that the investigation into the wraps had cost him millions in lost earnings and he was gonna SUE... COME ON BRUA WHY DID HE NOT SUE? u dnt have a clue just like you dont have a clue what wraps he used against RJJ lol
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