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Default Re: Tarver worried about getting plastered

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
Go buy a box of the bangages, wet them and let them sit for around 30 min and then come back and tell me they dont set like plaster casts because they infact DO!

Think about this clearly TC, you have donned a pair of gloves I take it.
No one here has suggested this and I take it most on here have gloved up and gotten in the ring at some stage?? At the end of a heavy sparing session 8-10-12 rounds whatever it may be, may even be circuit training. I can't ever remember removing my gloves without my wraps, hands and gloves being saturated with in **** does plaster of paris set in wet humid conditions, how many layers does it take to set condusive to a plaster cast set on a broken bone.......we all know what plaster of paris looks and feels or someone at some stage has had a broken bone. I had a half cast across a broken hand years back and I did everything I could to keep it in a set condition and it lasted less than a week til it came off and was thrown in a bin as does it occur that the brown tape which was used could be mistaken for plaster or paris....WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE HARD AND FAST.....stop promoting vexatious rumors and start providing indisputable evidence or STFU.
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