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Default Re: Ali vs Foreman : 2

Originally Posted by garymcfall
I think Muhammad has Foremans number to be honest, just as stylistically Foreman was all wrong for Joe Frazier, Ali is wrong for Foreman. I see George fighting smarter, probably winning the first 3 or 4 rounds, maybe even hurting or flooring Ali, but about round 6 or 7 i see Muhammad Ali starting to outmanouver Foreman, stinging him with jabs and straight rights. Muhammd would pick him apart the rest of the fight but wouldnt knock him out and he would take a unanimous decision.

Good post. I'ts fair to say George would have kittens with Ali, just as Frazier would with him and Ali would with Joe. But I think Foreman would may have nicked a decision in 1977 had he been granted a rematch around the time of the Shavers fight. Earnie nearly won too, some think he did. I think Young and Norton would have beaten Ali that year also...well, when I say 'beaten', I mean, look the better fighter and score more often until a late rally by the judges sees Ali home.
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