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Default Re: UFC 73 Weigh Ins Pics

I will never understand how fans of a sport can be so attached to one organization. Were you a fan of Pride, or a fan of MMA? I am a fan of MMA, and would love to see the great match-ups no matter where they happen. Trading elbows on the ground for knees and vice versa is no big deal to me. You can kiss foot stomps and soccer kicks to the head on the ground goodbye, and I don't think that they reflect well on the sport anyways. I love brutality, but when you have that in a fight, it leans away from being the MMA sport that it is today and gives everyone who is against it a big reason to oppose MMA.

The only thing that I would change is allowing BOTH knees and elbows on the ground, and would still like to see stomps, and soccer kicks to the head of a downed opponent left out.

Either way... I sure as hell don't get caught up crying about what rules it is under, and what organization the fight is taking place at. I want to see great fights, simple as that. The UFC is where it is at right now, so you should be a huge fan of the UFC and thanking them for giving us these fights.

Crying over MMA organizations like that makes about as much sense to me as crying about whether Oscar vs Floyd was for the WBC title, or the IBF. I mean... I simply wouldn't have wanted to watch the fight if it was for the IBF organization!!
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