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Default Re: The official LeonMcS visits Sydney thread.

Night 1 (from memory)

Hit the ground running, drop my bags off at the hotel and then straight to the Novotel so Phil Austin can stare lovingly at my package. Have a few quiet ones before they shut the bar then decide to do some recon at Star City for today's weigh in with new best mate Daz. Whilst organizing the beers Daz sees his $200 stake turn into 2k. We celebrate and I remember having something that started with a H and having ice in it. Security keeps asking me to take my hat off, I know I'm handsome but this is ridiculous. Leave the cas well up and loaded, on our way back to our hotels we pass that 24 hr pub in Pyrmont and see a mutual friend so again, after removing my cap it's bourbon time. During an enthusiastic telling of a story our mate knocks over some poor sap and it's peacemaker LeonMcS to the rescue. Somehow this results in me getting cut off but manage to convince the batman he is in fact an idiot and resume drinking. Stumble home at ****knowswhen and wake up around 9.30 with a headache to remind me I'm not 18 anymore. Star Ciry at 2.30 this arvi for the weigh in, the adventure continues...
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