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Default Re: i think its at dannyweight

Originally Posted by Raiders View Post
Tarvers in great shape, he has always looked a little flabby even at light heavy. Remember Beyer hurt Green to the body badly and mundine hurt him on a number of occasions and tarver can bang much harder them both of them. I look at the odds of the fight and can't believe it! I don't bet but if I was a betting man I would put alot on Tarver to win.

Danny got lucky against a SHOT Roy Jones who if didn't get hit with that great punch by danny, Roy who was shot would have probably gone on to ud Green.

Tarver has skill and has been in with the best, he ain't no ****ty bj florres, but the only thing could be age but like lennox lewis said I'm like a fine wine and I get better with age and Tarver did start his career late.

Green has never fought a dangerous puncher, mundine did against Green and Kessler, this will be Green's first real test against a puncher and his chin. I'm going out on a limb he and will say that Green will be stopped for the first time in his career!
thanks m8, it just confirms i think im right on the money this time round and was spot on to head down to the TAB today and throw another 200$ on Tarver. I think Dannys game is about to end and the magic man is going to make him dissapear, atleast thats what id like to belive
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