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Default Re: Green 90.25 and tarver 89.7

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
how did rumors start circulating in ref to Tarver being over the limit? a ploy by his team perhaps to unsettle Danny? the announcer said he had been tipped that Tarver was going to be over the limit.
I was back stage when they were discussing this. from early on tarver only wanted the one weigh in

When told he had to do the 2pm and 7pm he wasn't happy

he said that he wasn't going to get on the scales at 2 pm

would get on stage but then refuse to get on. mark war ren took this as he was over weight

Molly was wrapped that he wasn't getting on as this would cause more controversy and more media

then someone else talked Antonio into getting on the scales.

When tarver got up mark read out his weight.

When danny got up Mark looked a little worried then phil Austin said dont read out the weight

mark then announced the weight

It basically stated because tarver didn't want any part of the 2pm weigh in but relented because he wanted to get the show on the road
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