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Default Re: *the official mexicans are keeping boxing alive thread*

Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Mexico is Amazing is has just about everything...

Beautiful beaches, Beautiful women, The richest man in the world lives there CARLOS SLIM, Cartels that make billions of dollars (EL chapo guzman, made Forbes magazine top 30 Richest and influential people in the world,) World class Soccer team that owns all of America, and competes with the big boys, Has so many champs in Boxing, . Mexico could be Superpower, it even has its own OIL that could make billions, but dumb govenment feeding off of the cartels... and I can go on and on..

Que orgullo.
Mexico needs to follow in the footsteps of some of the south American countries that s****ped everything corrupt and kicked the US out of their dealings then and only then will Mexico be a super power.
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