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Default Re: Green 90.25 and tarver 89.7

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
Outlawed Motorcycle gangs. There was a huge police Blitz for one of his fights

Gonzo, many people say Pacman is on Peds, he dont try sue everyone on ESB who thinks its true. Im not the first one to assume Dannys on something, the guy who posted the Youtube Video of the Gatoraid Bottle never got contacted by Team Green, perhaps they settled out of court hahaha

I know Hyder reads these boards, how you doing Angelo, do you like my Avatar? hope ur boy gets a flogging tonight, i need a new pair of shoes!
just saying what i was told mate dont wanna see anyone get in strife from here because i enjoy the banter

how much you have on Tarver dude? i put $250 tarver by points at $4
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