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Default Re: Green 90.25 and tarver 89.7

Originally Posted by woftam1 View Post

more conspiracies

you should write a book

the same bloke (bikie member) who was at that fight has been to many fights with many different fighters, doesn't mean they all have an association with OMG
Need a law man to read over it should i ever do that, id get sued big time and most likely recieve more death threats (nothing new there) and some hate mail

Australia - Police issued infringements to 11 members of the Rebels bikie gang at the Danny Green title fight at Challenge Stadium in Claremont last night.

Police claim the gang members had breached the Liquor Licensing act by wearing outlaw motor cycle gang colours.

They were asked to leave the venue but refused the request, prompting police to issue each of the gang members with a $200 infringement.
Green last night became the new WBA light heavyweight world champion after beating Croatian Stipe Drews in a unanimous points decision.
Posted by: BillyWhizz of Perth 2:02pm today Comment 2 of 9 ------------------------------------------------- By all accounts, police stopped them before they went in the venue, then let them in since technically the T-shirts weren't 'colours'. That's probably why it all went downhill from there. Licencee should have been involved in that call. The stadium had been fined before under LL laws for bikies displaying apparel that weren't technically colours, so they didn't want to take any risks. Inside, they refused to co-operate with officials and the licencee. They were cut off and allegedly one or two of them didn't take too kindly to being told so. 40+ police came onsite, surrounded the table and senior officers tried to negotiate with the people involved. Twice. Didn't work. There was talk at one stage of a very public removal from the premises, which whilst it would have nipped the problem in the bud would have been very messy and dangerous for the people in the tables in the VIP area, many of whom were now sick and tired of what was going on. Meanwhile other gangs turned up with no colours or hint of displaying who they were, ate their food and drinks and enjoyed the fight they'd paid good money to see like everyone else without causing problems.
Thats a witness statment Jim ^
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