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Default Re: ****the tarver express****

Originally Posted by Dr Gonzo View Post
i went for Tarver on points because both blokes have good whiskers
Got the same bet. just have a feelin its all Antonio's fight to in n that i he turns up in good condition he will edge ou the decsion. By allrepors Tarver is in good shpe and ready to crack!!

Not a massive Green fan but am still slightly hopin he wins though. most are pretty tough on Greeny in the Aus forum but at least he is bringin the big names down under and creating some kind of hype about boxing in Aus. plus he usually puts on solid undercards. Boxing in Australia can use every positive minte in the media it can get!

That plus if Greeny looses who knows what no hoper we'll have to see him fight. a win at least keeps the possibility of him bringin another big fight to Aus alive!
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