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Default Re: Now you all know Why Danny wouldnt Fight HUCK - CUnningham & CO!

Originally Posted by bulij View Post
TC the silence is deafening from the N/huggers!
I must admit it is quite BIZZAR usually these ****s cant shut the fck up now they have all dissapred? might have something to do with their boy finally being exposed!

Priase JESUS guys! this was his work tonight

Francis your spot on m8! I called this farce since day 1, i told people he got dropped and was no monster, he was a fckn cheating ****, the RJJ fight was loaded gloves and i will stand by that until the day i meet my grave.

What now for Danny? surely not cameron hahaah, RETIRE DANNY YOU ARE A FRAUD AND HYDER IS USING YOU FOR MONEY! your LEGACY IS IN RUINS!~
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