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Default Re: Getting them last few pounds off

Originally Posted by BladeJrs View Post
Calories ARE the only thing that effect weight loss/gain. If you eat too much you gain, eat less and you lose. Everything else involved is branched off from cals. You're acting like metabolism has nothing to do with burning calories.

Why do you diet? To cut CALORIES to lose weight. Why do you exercise to lose weight? To burn more CALORIES to lose weight. It's all about the calories man.

I phrased the caloric intake sentance wrong, i meant Virus believes metabolism has little or no effect on burning calories, which is easily disproved.

You just claimed BMR also has a effect on different weight losses in different individuals
So you clearly implied BMR has a effect on weight loss rates

Virus said metabolism has almost no effect on weight loss. So you therefore disagree with him.
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