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Default Re: Getting them last few pounds off

Originally Posted by donizhere View Post
I phrased the caloric intake sentance wrong, i meant Virus believes metabolism has little or no effect on burning calories, which is easily disproved.

You just claimed BMR also has a effect on different weight losses in different individuals
So you clearly implied BMR has a effect on weight loss rates

Virus said metabolism has almost no effect on weight loss. So you therefore disagree with him.
It doesn't have much of an effect. Even most of the weight gain associated with 'thyroid problems' is water.

Anecdotal stories of 'friends' who can eat anything, not exercise and stay slim have never been proven in a research setting. Do you really know the total weekly calorie intake of said friend?

Likewise people who say 'it doesn't matter how little i eat i still stay fat' - well, go and look through the fridge and cupboards of those guys.

As my POW grandad used to say, he didn't see anyone come out of those prison camps fat.
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