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Default Re: Danny Green no gameplan?

Originally Posted by buster007 View Post
i don't think it was tarvers power that stopped green from letting his punches go, because i don't believe he would then be going to the ropes and allowing him to tee off on him like that.

when green let his punches go, he was dominating and had tarver in big trouble. tarver admitted it.
Yeah thats what i cant believe, that he went to the ropes the try and counter and not press the attack. WTF was with that, no way he was ever goign to win trying to counter punch tarver he was too slick to get hit with one shot of the ropes. He need to pressure him the hole fight.

I guess he thought that 42yr old taver that looked **** in his last fight over a year ago would be and easy name to add to his record. But boxing skills pays the bills.
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