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Default Re: Thank greeny for a great career...

Originally Posted by JOSEY WALES View Post
Wow Danny boy well and truly had his **** handed to him tnight by a 42 year over the hill Antonio Tarver , if any more clarification is needed to signal it is time to give it up then everytime Danny thinks about fighting again be should slip the DVD of this fight in and watch ( the thing is Tarver wasn't fighting that good and STILL ****d Danny ) sure Danny can fight some also rans but what with Mundine getting KTFO by Garthy and Green in turn coping a shellacking off Tarver the pair of them have managed to **** up a massive PPV down under . Serious who would pay 50 bucks to watch that ? I would rather spend an hour listening to that **** wit that was behind the mic last night lol What's his name , not Barry but the other guy ?
Andy Raymond said some outrageous comments Josey i agree....very very mediocre commentating had this discussion with a few guys today & not even to mention about Nick Charles i thought i was poor but even worse was how blatantly 1 sided it was....imagine if this was done in other sport codes.

I also agree 100% with your bolded statement.
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