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Originally Posted by buster007 View Post
green barely threw any punches. that's not danny green.
Are you seriously carrying on with this ****? Remember the 2nd Beyer fight? When things aren't going Greens way he becomes more rigid, telegraphs his punches and is afraid to throw. I made a post a couple of months before the Tarver fight saying basically that, as soon as things aren't going his way he loses confidence very easily. Green did hit Tarver with his best punches and guess what? Just as I've previously said, he doesn't hit as hard as he or his fans think. When he was landing his best punches on Flores they were just bouncing off his head like nothing.
When people don't respect your power you're just going to get countered everytime you throw, Flores wasn't good enough but Tarver is a very good counter puncher and landed shots everytime Green went for it. Greens confidence left and he was afraid to move his hands because he was constantly getting beaten to the punch with harder shots.
Tarver made Green look like he wasn't the usual Green, so did Beyer and Mundine. That is your distorted perception of the guy, that is the real Danny Green we saw last night. When he doesn't have a punching bag in front of him he gets lost, time to face reality and quit making excuses.
Tarver isn't considered a puncher so much but that's the difference between a world class guy and someone like Danny Green. He's just not that good mate.
I thought Hyders advice about throwing short punches was good but he repeated the old 'you have to move to the left of southpaws' which can work on a stationary fighter but for a mover like Tarver it can help to give them more space, you'll notice Tarver was mostly moving to his left which would be the opposite of the traditional advice. He did that to keep his range and set up the straight left. Hyder should've known this and realised instead of repeating the same advice after every round. I think with Greens personality he needs a calmer more reassuring figure in his corner, Hyder tries to fire him up while telling him that he's trying too hard, doesn't make alot of sense does it.
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