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Default Re: Thank greeny for a great career...

I think one reason why Green is disliked is that he is a bully sort of figure, he tries to act the hard man and talk about knocking over horses and all sorts of silly ****. It sounds good to somebody who doesn't understand boxing, but to somebody like myself who respects the art of boxing it's pointless and makes him sound like an insecure narcissist. His style and his persona offends me, he is a caveman and people who don't know boxing believe that boxing is Danny Green. That's not boxing, that's unintelligent bogan rock em sock em robot style. As soon as someone doesn't fall over he loses confidence, he lacks character and intelligence. I don't respect someone like that. His choice of opponents and his constant attempts to talk himself up hurt boxing. Alot of non boxing fans changed their tune over the past few years, you ask them their opinion on Green and it's "He's a ****head who's full of himself". It paints a bad picture of boxing when their only exposure to boxing is Mundine and Green. At least Mundine has shown some boxing skills over the years.
I hope some of those people watched the Tarver fight to see that boxing can be about skills and class without juvenile tough talk. Tarver made Green seem like a weak man inside and outside the ring.
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