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Default Re: Danny Green Caught With Un-Padded Gloves

mate fair dinkum right. I said to my old man last night while watching when they were talking to Geale, they are kidding having his fight PPV. Who the hell will watch that for them to make a profit? only die hard old school boxing fans, which is very few. Geale is a very good boxer/fighter, but he bores me to freaken death the way he talks. Boxing is not like other sports, you need to be able to talk in a way which makes your everyday peron different to your fighting persona. Green did it great. Mundine's worked, but he played the bad man tag. Other than ODH(who was unique in his own way) who has been a big name in boxing who didnt have something special in their persona?

If I was a promoter I wouldnt go near Geale.

He should have fought as main support last night. Big PPV exposure, 10,000 crowd. Instead whats he got? I mean really. He nods his head about all the challenges coming in, but whats the offer......and dont give me that IBF belt won in Germany business. having it is one thing, selling it is another. this aiant no big AFL contract. You pay the IBF, they dont pay you..........
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