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Default Re: Green v Cameron in November?

Originally Posted by woftam1 View Post
no mate it wasn't

as said previous it was showing in the early hours of the morning in the Us

tarver said that showtime back him 110% but that was just too hard to market on a wednesday morning in the US

Tarver said that HBO might buy the rights to show the fight later in the US

He was talking about a rematch and Showtime

so maybe a sunday afternoon fight in Aus that goes back to the US on a saturday night.

get the best of both worlds the PPV and tics her as well as the PPV in the US

if it was to happen after the football season and before the cricket starts say late October it could work
The bout was not televised at all in the US.

Also if there is a rematch & the bout is scheduled to be televised on Showtime due to it being on a sunday here, it is not on PPV in the US.
They would be lucky to get 5-10,000 buys if it were.
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