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Default Re: Getting them last few pounds off

Originally Posted by donizhere View Post
Blade soon as you mention BMR, it implies metabolism is a factor in weight loss and a huge one.
How are you not comprehending that obviously metabolism is a factor in weight loss since it burns calories!? If BMR had nothing to do with calories, it'd have nothing to do with weight loss. It's all revolves around calories.

Originally Posted by donizhere View Post
As for water weight, its easily lost but painful inin 1 day you can lose like 30lbs of water weight using certain techniques, bodybuilders have done so.
That numbers a bit high, and after about 15 lbs of water weight generally it starts to become unsafe. Plus you can't live like that, it's for very short term purposes.

Originally Posted by TheDuke View Post
Well as you've been through it, you have my sympathy. But are you seriously telling me that your dietary and exercise habits are exactly the same as when you were 60 pounds heavier?

What pill is this?
I wasn't trying to play the sympathy card, just pointing out that I also know from experience with it...but yes, same workout schedule and eating habits because it was during college when I had the same schedule from week to week so there wasn't much room to change any habits anyway. After being on my medication for a while my hormonal levels corrected and weight started to just drop off, and after about 8 months I was down 60 lbs where Ive stayed ever since. It's also not like I got prescribed medication then all of a sudden had some drastic change in any habits that would allow me to to lose 60lbs in that amount of time anyway; basically meaning there would have had to have been some drastic change to lose that much, but there really wasnt, so my point is there's definitely more to it than just water weight with the thyroid gland.

Levothyroxine or synthroid as a backup when I'm late to refill.
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