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Default Re: Mundine on Green vs Tarver

Originally Posted by IrnBruMan View Post
Just remember folks, all this braggadoccio and "Brah" talk is being posted by the thing in my avatar


Now re-read his posts and try to take them seriously

CP you're a weird virgin, I've told you a few times I'm ***y as **** . Not everyone online is a basement dwelling creep like yourself. Who are you gonna pretend to be a fan of now that green has been embarrassed again?

Originally Posted by fast hands View Post
All the schmoozing towards Mundine doesn't alter the fact that he's
a big noting pain in the ****.
The goose had to add to his quote that " only a great fighter can beat him tho"
Knock him out Austin.
Austin ain't knocking out ****. Mundine's hands are like bullets in the night.

Originally Posted by stiflers mum View Post
Surprisingly he was very gracious in his post fight speech when he beat Danny too.
He's a humble champ.

Originally Posted by Lead Right View Post
cus to get to the super champ you gotta get the regular

Originally Posted by raff View Post
Green and mundine are as bad as each other,, the only difference is green brought big names here they both conned the Aussie public, neither of them are great, chic could have been but didn't want it, these guys should promote our up and coming fighters and get out of the way, you keep saying everyone Is ducking mundine 20a7, but why is it vic, who is a more feared fighter can get unifications, geale and Lenny can get title shots, tszyu did it, even Billy dub Is getting an ibf shot, and your honestly going to sit there and tell me the man is getting ducked that hard?? I used to like green till his ibo bull**** and mundine had talent and wasted it they are hasbeens.
Vic is the B side in his USA fights now and hasn't got the money power Mundine could get early in his career. It's taken Dib a while to get his shot again.

Mundine is a high risk low reward fight, he might have left it a bit late but the last few years he's gone after the top dogs and been ducked badly. Like it or not Choc will get his time on the world stage.
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