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Default Re: Thank greeny for a great career...

Originally Posted by dawsosj View Post
i dont think he wants to go out on a loss, but i am a green fan and want to see him do whats best in terms of his health, he certainly doesnt need the money. I still dont understand the level of hate that he generates, sure briggs and siaca were bad fights and im sure if he could take them back he would, but he did bring massive exposure to this sport in australia and the work he has done with young boxers is incredible , im not saying you have to love the guy but he does deserve respect and some applause for his achievements, and most posters on here do give him that.
Great post mate
He's done a lot for the sport and will continue to do so after he's retired,the undercard put on by GMP was a+ one of the best cards i've seen.
As for weather Danny will retire i'm not sure i spoke to him for a fair while yesterday and it's fair to say he's ****ing shattered but he wasn't 100% sure on what he's going to do yet.
I know deep down he doesn't want to go out like that so it wouldn't surprise me if he has at least has 1 more fight but he could easily say that he's had enough.
I think he's going to take a fair hit $$ wise on the promotion as well but he knew it was a big risk taking on Tarver and as he said if you can't handle a beating in this game your in the wrong buisness.
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